• Clinics are held at Pingree School, located in South Hamilton, Massachusetts (Directions). Pingree is immediately to the east of Bradley-Palmer State Park, at 537 Highland Street (approximately 5 minutes north of Wenham).  The tennis courts are in a quiet area by the woods a short walk down the hill from the school.

How many tennis players are in each session?

  • There is a limit of about 30 participants per session. We often fill up, but not always and never before June, but call for availability if you have any questions (857) 753-6557.

How old are most participants?

  • Most players are between 8-13.  However, we always seem to have at least one delightful group of tots (3-5), youngsters (5-7), and group of grizzled veterans (14-16).

How will my son/daughter be grouped?

  • With numerous coaches, and up to three CIT’s, we have a lot of flexibility with groupings, and have typically been very successful in making groups of 3-6 players based on age/ability/gender.

My daughter is almost 16, but wants to play on her high school team, will she be the only “older” participant?

  • Typically each session has a few older players—often high-schoolers who are thinking about making a bid to win a spot on their varsity team. We are sensitive to such players and are always careful to have adult instructors working with them. It is often a good idea to call to find out about which weeks are of interest, and what enrollment is like. We have a C.I.T. program in which older players who have attended All-Court in past summers are available to help with the younger kids in the morning, then train at a higher level with the staff in the afternoon.  If your son/daughter might be interested in our C.I.T. program please call: (857) 753-6557)

What do participants need to bring?

  • All All-Court participants need to bring their own sunscreen, hat or visor, tennis racket, water bottle, and snack (and lunch, if a full-day participant). We can provide tennis rackets for beginners on the first few days of clinics if parents need our advice on purchasing a racket.
  • Water will be available at all times; however, kids may wish to bring their own water bottle for convenience.

What happens if it rains?

  • Clinics will not be cancelled in the event of rain. Limited indoor practice facilities are available. We can videotape and do stroke analysis, teach stroke mechanics, scoring, tiebreakers and tennis etiquette. We also have a, table-tennis facility (with four tables) where we have conducted some very entertaining tournaments, and can discuss spin, point strategy and play mini tournaments for fun. Last summer brought the innovation of “tennis bingo” to analyze shot-making strategies used used by the pros at Wimbledon.

Do you provide extended care for working parents?

  • We can accomodate all-day and afternoon players who need to stay as late as 5pm. The fee is $10/day. Advanced notice is required.

About drop-off and pick-up times:

  • Please drop-off and pick-up within 15 minutes of the start/stop times of clinics. Morning 8:30, afternoons 3:30 or 4:30.

About drop-off and pick-up locations:

  • Please drop-off at the top of the drive to the left as you approach the front of the school.  Pick-up for half-day at the same place. Pick up for full-day clinics is at the back softball field closer to the courts! ASK FOR HELP WITH DIRECTIONS ON THE FIRST DAY.

What about car pooling?

  • Parents interested in car-pooling are invited to call or email us one week before the start of clinics to check on availability.

I know Pingree has a swimming pool, will my kids be swimming?

  • We are looking into adding swimming, but are not certified for this at this time.

On the final day of clinics (Friday)…

  • Please plan to join us for a brief exhibition, lasting approximately 20-30 minutes at the end of the day.
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