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All-Court Tennis has a well-established Counselor-in-Training program.  This opportunity is open to boys and girls who have completed 9th or 10th grade and want to learn the art of teaching tennis—and gain an understanding of the rewards (and demands) of working at a summer sports camp.  The CIT program involves carefully supervised work in the morning (with players at least three years younger than the CIT, typically the “Tennis for Tots” kids, or 6-9 yr. olds). In the afternoon the CIT’s enjoy advanced-level practice at no additional cost. CIT’s are required to read our staff handbook and be prepared to follow all staff rules regarding safe teaching practices.

Anyone aspiring to the CIT program is invited to submit a short letter/email of application to allcourttennis2003@gmail.com, stating the reasons for interest in the program and your tennis background.  Former All-Court players are very welcome to apply!

There is a minimal cost ($100/week) for the program for court rental and insurance reasons.  All CIT’s can expect to have regular instruction and feedback on methods of teaching tennis, as well as a variety of teaching experiences. There is a limit of four CIT’s per week.

Parents and applicants:  If you are interested, please feel free to call for more information: 857-753-6557.

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